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Montag, 16. März 2009

Commercial usage of blogs at antville.org?

Using antville.org is free as free beer, and although renting the server costs 59 € per month and maintaining and improving the platform is time-consuming, it shall stay free forever.

However, coming across sites here that are stuffed with banner and text ads, opening four popup windows immediately and featuring content aimed primarily at search engines recently raised the question if the usage of free blogs on antville.org for commercial purposes shouldn't be prohibited or - vice versa - if fees for blogs that could (upon request) be used commercially could help finance hosting and improvements for the free blogs. No licences to molest you with tons of popup windows, no flickering porn ads and no linkfarming, for sure. We don't sup with the devil. Maybe sites for freelancers or small firms.

What do you think?

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